It's the beginning of Advent and each year I find myself ready for this season in different ways.  Some years I am ready for it to come and go quickly, anxious for a new year to begin - a fresh start.  Other years I am ready for Advent because my spiritual life has felt slow and mundane; Advent itself feels like the fresh start I need.

Remember when you were a kid and as soon as Thanksgiving was over and the Christmas decorations came out you anxiously awaited Christmas day?  The excitement of the season was at times overwhelming.  I remember not being able to sleep because the anticipation kept me up at night.  I can't honestly say that this excitement was entirely for the right reasons, but I love remembering those feelings.  And I sit here now on the third day of Advent praying for that same childlike anticipation.  

Advent happens for a reason.  It is a season of waiting and preparation.  When there is a time of preparation like Advent or Lent it is because something big is happening and time is needed to prepare our hearts.  If we wake up on Christmas without any preparation, we won't be able to experience the full joy of His coming.  His birth isn't to be celebrated just on Christmas day.  Start the celebrations now!

As a kid, as soon as Christmas was over, I felt somewhat sad.  It seemed the excitement was over.  How false that is.  Christmas is simply the beginning.  Let's wait expectantly like our 6 year old selves this Advent season and once Christmas comes and goes let's live joyfully because our Savior has come and we get to continue celebrating all year long.


Why do we put Christmas trees in our home?

I honestly never knew the real reason behind the Christmas tree tradition.  We learned in church that evergreens were chosen to put in homes because even in the dead of winter, there is life.  Every day you turn the lights on your Christmas tree, remember there is life and it is certainly worth celebrating!

Caroline BrooksComment