Structuring My Prayer Time

Surely, we have all been through seasons when prayer feels like work, we can’t seem to make enough time for it or we just feel distant and prayer feels really hard. I know I have. There is no “right way” to pray, but I have loved hearing how others spend their prayer time. Over the past year or two I’ve been taking notes when someone says “I do this when I pray” or when I hear of different things in sermons or conversations that involve prayer. I’ve been slowly putting that all together and I’ve made myself a structure for my prayer time. Of course there can be danger in structuring your prayer time “just so” because you walk the line of making prayer a thing to check off the list, but I have really enjoyed spending my prayer time going through this structure; it has helped me to spend less time on myself in prayer and focusing more on scripture and who God is. What ways do you keep your prayer life vibrant? I would love to know!

A few things I ask myself and pray through during my time:

  • Pick a scripture to focus on throughout the week

  • Pick an attribute of God and remember who He is

  • How have I been misaligned/aligned with the Lord this week?

  • What do I need the Lord to prepare me for this week?

  • How can I serve His kingdom this week?

  • How has the Lord provided for me this week?

  • Present my personal requests to the Lord

  • Prayer requests for others

Caroline Brooks1 Comment