Filling or Spending Your Time?

As we approach the Advent season, I have been asking myself, “How am I filling/spending my time?” Filling time and spending time are very different ways to approach our days.

I love the wonder that fills this time of year, yet most days I’m filling my days and busying myself, ultimately missing out on the joy of the season. I wake up many Christmas mornings realizing I missed an opportunity to sit before the Lord in a time He has ultimately prepared for me to wait and wake up expectant and awe filled with His coming. I hope to spend my days differently this year, less busy and more aware of the small things that make up my days.

Do you respond “busy” as an autopilot response to “how are you, what have you been up to?” Is it a filler response so we can avoid answering how we are actually doing and the shape our hearts are in. For me, there are times when it is just that. Yes, many times busy is a true response to the question, but does that answer actually create space for the friend asking the question to care for you?

I believe “busy” can be used as a marker for comparison. Oh, she is busy - she must be working harder than me, caring for her friends and family better than me, cooking dinner for her family every night of the week (which is more than I can say)…the list drags on. Maybe it’s just me, but I frequently play the comparison game when someone simply says they have been busy. Upon reflecting on this response that I just say out of habit, I am working to challenge myself to be a little more honest.

Particularly moving in to the holidays, we get caught up in the marketing of the seasons (and the chaos) and just feel like busy is the right response. Instead of answering busy when someone asks how are you or what have you been up to what could be a better response for you? Even when busy just seems to be the best response : )

Caroline Brooks1 Comment