Everyone Loves Free

Yep. I said FREE. In an effort to #sharejoyandlight, I need your help. I would love to see YOU in your Joy and Light Design (with your friends or family or even a selfie) on Instagram or shared with me via email.

There is nothing I love more (at least in business) than happy customers and a message growing to share joy and light to those around us. And if you do decide to share, I would love to thank you with a free bracelet!

Here are the steps to follow to make this message grow and to get your fun freebie:

  1. Take a picture where I can see your Joy and Light Design, as well as your face : ) You can be alone or with friends
  2. Post this picture on Instagram or Facebook and in your comment use #sharejoyandlight and tag @joyandlightdesign (a positive comment will certainly help to share the joy and light too!)
  3. If you do not have Instagram or Facebook, send me an email (joyandlightdesign@gmail.com) with your photo and I will share it on my page
  4. After you have shared the picture with #sharejoyandlight and tagged @joyandlightdesign, I will be in touch to send your bracelet! If you don't use the hashtag or tag me in the photo, I will not know you posted it.
  5. Thanks for considering being a part of #sharejoyandlight!
Caroline BrooksComment