Waiting on Paint to Dry

It always takes longer than we think. It typically happens in more phases than we imagine (we always end up painting at least one extra coat). And, it normally isn’t as fun as we had anticipated it being. This is how I felt when I recently painted my grandmothers buffet for our new house. I found that the emotions I felt towards painting are nearly identical to those that I feel when I am waiting on something in life or when I know that the Lord has something in the works.


My mom had the buffet painted back in the 90s when we lived in Charlotte and it was always my favorite piece in the house. I loved everything about it and hoped one day it would be mine. The aesthetic of the buffet wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for our house so I purchased some (basic) paint to update it. In my mind, I would do one quick coat of paint and wax it (quickly) and be done. I also didn’t factor in the wait time between coats to make sure each dried. In my mind it was a (max) two-day project that turned in to weeklong project, enduring mosquito bites and eventually getting smart enough to bathe in bug spray. The finished product was different than I had pictured in my mind, but also better than I could’ve imagined myself – so similar to how the Lords plans unravel in our lives. Ephesians 3:20 comes to mind, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”


I had a few takeaways from this project that I felt the Lord was trying to show me:

  • When I try to rush things that shouldn’t be rushed, I miss out on the experience and the space the Lord is trying to provide simply because I just want to be somewhere else
  • In the finished product, you can see some of the old paint floral details peeking through the final layer of wax – all “finished” products started somewhere and old remnants are just reminders of where it has been; our scars and stories are pieces of His bigger story that we must not forget

I would love to hear some of the lessons you’ve learned while “waiting on paint to dry.” Comment below or email me directly at joyandlightdesign@gmail.com.