Newsletter Perks

Have you joined the Joy and Light newsletter list yet? No? Well I will make this quick and to the point. Here are a few reasons I think you should join and reasons why I would hit subscribe to someone else's list!


  1. This subscription WON'T flood your inbox - I will email you max once a week, but it will (honestly) likely be more sparing than that
  2. Private SALES! I don't host sales very frequently and when I do they will be through the newsletter (not Instagram or Facebook), so if you only need one reason to join this is a good one!
  3. Be the FIRST to know when new products are coming to the shop...there is a fun one coming soon!
  4. Know as soon as a blog post is posted that it is ready for you to read!
  5. Information on in person trunk shows or markets I am participating in

I would love to have you join the party, you can do that here!

Caroline BrooksComment