A Restart

I wanted to start a blog in an effort to be more transparent. If you keep up with me and updates with Joy and Light, you have noticed that I haven’t been blogging recently. Transparency can be frightening, and even when just considering a new blog post, doubt frequently floods my mind. Feeling embarrassed about the words I type or ashamed of things I feel are just a few reasons why I’ve moved “blog post” off my to-do list to the next day, every day, for the past few months. Harrison commented last night that I had not written one in awhile and I retorted back “I have nothing to say,” which he quickly responded with a list of things I had recently been talking about and would make for several blog post topics. In light of that and being reminded that I am seen, my voice (and every voice) matters and even if I am entirely flooded with doubt and fear, I (and really, we) should speak and share about the good and the bad, the exciting and the hard, the rejoicing and the sorrow. When we share, be it on the internet, over coffee or a phone call with a friend, our God is glorified and Satan is disappointed that we aren’t keeping ourselves in isolation. With that, stay tuned and if you don’t hear from me in awhile, hold me accountable and let me know: joyandlightdesign@gmail.com

Caroline BrooksComment