Patience is not a word I would use to describe myself.  It's actually something that made me fearful when first walking into a bead store to make something for myself.  I thought of how impatient I could be and thought it would be a disaster walking into a store with hundreds of options of bead colors, sizes, and patterns.  I was pleasantly surprised with the way the Lord used the act of beading and creating to learn something new about myself.  I can be patient, but it can take work.

We were at Bald Head Island this past weekend; Harrison and I were both looking forward to time away to rest and relax.  My idea of rest is plopping down on the beach with a good book and a beach chair, no umbrella needed.  Harrison's idea of rest is a little different.  He wants to fish, swim and walk - sitting does not fit in his list of activities, however he will entertain it for a little bit just because I love it.  

I sat and watched him fish.  He would throw out the line and stand there, wait, pull it in a bit and wait longer.  I was fascinated.  He could just stand there, take in the ocean and its grandeur and wait.   I could not understand his patience.  Most days no fish were even biting and he was so happy to patiently wait and enjoy what was right in front of him.  How often we miss it all because we can't be patient in the waiting.  

He ran inside to make us lunch and asked me to hold the rod.  I could not stand there for longer than 30 seconds without pulling the line in at least half way (I was pretending patience).  It was another 30 seconds later that I gave up and just pulled the whole line in.  I was frantic standing there, couldn't bare just standing and waiting.  Not a bone in my body was willing to be patient.  

I wonder what I would have seen, smelled and experienced if I had been willing to stand there and be patient, to enjoy the waiting.  I gave patience a chance when I walked into the bead store last year and it has been a tremendous blessing and answer to prayer.  Patience is an act, a conscious choice - I hope to choose it more often.

Caroline BrooksComment