Announcing...Joy Parties!

I shared a couple weeks ago about the value of connectedness and how valuable it is to our lives.  Outside of any in person shows or parties, I spend most of my time in our apartment guest bedroom (pseudo office) making necklaces entirely alone.  As is anyone who works from home.  One of the main reasons for starting Joy and Light was to have a way to share about my story, name my anxiety and hopefully encourage others.  My platform for doing that right now is the internet and the very occasional face-to-face time.  I wanted to create something that would give me more time to be with women and share.  Share not only my story, but also a tool that has helped me to take a break and think about something right in front of me rather than what is going on in my mind.  

What is it? (you might ask).  A Joy Party!  It’s a time to gather with other women, talk, relax and create a Joy and Light Design (made by you!)  Maybe the act of making something with your hands will be a tool that you find helpful too (and if not, I’ll make sure to give you a little extra assistance).  I’ve created a new tab on my website, where you can go to learn more about hosting your own Joy Party and find out more details.

What would you host a Joy Party for?  It’s up to you!  But here are a few ideas: Girls Night Out, Moms Night Out, Neighborhood Ladies Group, Birthday Party, Holiday (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines, Etc.) Party (instead of a gift exchange), Mother Daughter Party, Graduation Party, Team Building, Dinner Party with a Flair, Small Group Night, Teachers Night Out or no reason at all other than to hang out with friends and make a Joy and Light Design to treat yourself or a friend!

Email me at if you would like to get a Joy Party on the calendar!

Caroline BrooksComment