Driving home a few weeks ago from my first "pop-up shop" in Hickory, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, "The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey."  One thing Jamie said that struck me on this episode was: "when I would talk about what God had done for me I could always talk about what he did for me years ago and I remember thinking, if you can't talk about what God did for you this year...this week...TODAY, then you're missing something."  I find myself doing this frequently.  I am great at recalling how he showed up at different points in my life (in the past), but I don't do this enough in my present day.  

I was able to reflect on that ride home how God had cared for me throughout the entire day.  I was gifted with the kindness of people and the encouragement of strangers as my whole day unfolded.  When I was asked if I wanted to participate in the pop-up shop a few months ago, it was one of the final tugs to get me to move everything with Joy & Light along into a more official business.  The Lord has nudged and opened doors swiftly and I felt affirmed today that this is something he desires for me to be doing - he has me right where he wants me.  

Since I first released this website and particularly my About page, there have been countless times that I thought about removing the page.  I felt exposed, vulnerable and, honestly, a little bit silly for opening up about myself so much on the internet.  These thoughts are all lies that satan feeds and i'm thankful I didn't take the page down or fall into his never ending pit of shame.  Still, that is a battle I will constantly face.  However, as Jamie mentioned on the podcast, it is important to remember how God cares for us TODAY, not just yesterday, or a month or even a year ago.  He cared for me, affirmed me and showed me love through his children who spoke kindly and thoughtfully and who shared my same struggles.  So for that, I am thankful.

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