Joy & Light began as a business when...

My friends and family continued asking me to make special pieces for them. Since the summer of 2016, I've continued making for them, but for new friends now too! I love meeting new people at Home Shows and Festivals and now at a permanent spot at the beehive.

Designing and creating became a personal outlet for me as I struggled with anxiety. It was the reprieve I needed from the hamster wheel that seems to be taking up space in my mind. Because of that, I will continue to create (with you in mind) and try to encourage you along the way on my Blog. Find yourself struggling too? I promise. You are not alone.

I love using wood, various colors of sea glass and African brass and painted pieces (just a few of my favorite building blocks!) Joy and Light Designs are perfect for every day (when you need some fun and not so much blah...) and dressing up for a date night!

I'm the jewelry designer you turn to when...

You are tired of...

Not feeling put together,

Breaking the bank on a new piece of jewelry,

Wasting time looking for the perfect gift for a friend (or you!)

And, just maybe, you need a little encouragement

to get you through the day.

You like nice (and pretty) things and want a quick and easy way to get them for yourself and your friends and family.

You're in the right spot and I've got you covered.

my biggest fan.

my biggest fan.